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Sunday Surprise…

I spent my Sunday in China giving and grading exams on campus. Afterwards, a colleague showed me this lovely riverbank across from my office–a lovely place to have lunch or meditate in between classes.

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Gelato in China

I have been enjoying gelato flavors in China that are new to me — like egg yolk!

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Anubis in China

Anubis loves to get in his bag and travel the world–perhaps I’ll share some photos from his 18th birthday in China!

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Charging Chihuahuas in China

One of the best aspects of Anubis’ acupuncture in China is getting to meet so many other disabled chihuahuas getting treatment–including other chihuahuas! Anubis has been enjoying making new friends as have I (fun to practice speaking Chinese with their parents).

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Anubis and I have both been learning a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine in China–and we also are both benefitting from acupuncture here.

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Acupuncture: Begin

Anubis began his acupuncture treatment in China in good spirits–at the time, he could not really stand due to his disc disorder, but thanks to his treatments he’s walking again.

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