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It Takes a Village

Eighteen year old Anubis is still kicking thanks to the help of so many caring hearts in China–grateful for all of the help in keeping him alive!

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The Journey

In the spring, Anubis had an emergency at 3 am, so I ran him to the vet here in China. Long story short, after many tests from x-rays to ultrasounds, we got the bad news that Anubis is dying.

Anubis was told that he only had a few months to live, but he’s already surpassed all the predictions. How? Read on to follow his adventures in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Anubis has spent alot of time these past several months at the vet–he is, sadly, dying, but getting top notch care–including acupuncture! Posts to follow on Anubis’ acupuncture adventures in China!

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Reading in China…

I went book shopping on the river the other evening on my evening stroll and was so happy to find Frankenstein in Baghdad which I have been wanting to read–perfect for my poolside fun in these remaining days of summer here in China.

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Bodhidharma in Xi’an

Bodhidharma Stela in Xi’an

I was very excited to view this stela depicting Bodhidharma who brought Zen Buddhism to China when I was recently in Xi’an.

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Eating Indian in China

Right before the global pandemic, my friend visited me in China from Mongolia. It was the first of what I thought would be many visits by friends–but then the global pandemic forced China to close its borders. Fortunately, because life has mostly returned to normal in China, I’ve been able to do a little travel of my own–perhaps I will share some photos…

Taoist Temple
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