Writing in Tibet

This summer I headed to the Himalayas in Tibet to work on my book, The Gift of Rumi, and enjoy a long meditation retreat.

I was fortunate to find the most magical secluded cabin, which felt like it had been made just for me. It was truly the perfect place to write my book, immerse myself in Tibetan culture and meditation, and explore Himalayan nature with my baby chihuahua.

The cabin had air conditioning, so when the sun heated it up, I could just flip a switch and relax in the cool air. Experiencing rain storms in the cabin (from my tub!) was otherworldly.

The cabin also had an incredible roof on which I was able to do tai chi in the morning before writing or setting off to hike with my little pup.

The cabin came with a shower and bathtub option. I vowed to use the bathtub every day at sunset to take in the breathtaking view.

The cabin was surrounded by a lush and well-maintained garden on one side (so many beautiful flowers!) and a cornfield with sunflowers on the other.

My chihuahua Abu enjoyed lounging in the wicker swing while I wrote my book each day — to rest up before heading out to hike all afternoon in the Himalayas and explore monasteries, stupas, and watchtowers. Looking forward to sharing much more about our unique adventures in Tibet in my new China / Tibet memoir.

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