Love of Friends

Love this! My friends have been receiving my book and sending me photos of them holding it — so cool! I included a whole chapter on friendship in my book, as Rumi found friendship essential on the spiritual path.

The encouraging words of friends warm my heart:

“Your book is a hit! I’m telling you the timing is so good. The world is suffering so much right now. So nice to get a break from it & dive into Rumi. Congrats. You have done a good thing for humanity. That’s the greatest thing anyone can do, touch hearts.”

I was convinced (with good reason) while writing this book in China & Tibet that I was soon dying — so to be alive & well and see it finally published feels truly miraculous. I wrote it from the point of death so that I could leave behind a little bit of beauty in my wake. The book is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, and Macmillan and bookstores across the globe.

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