Sequoia National Park

Since my chihuahua baby Abu had already traveled all over Tibet and China — including a cross-country drive from Sichuan to Shanghai (all in just his first year of life!) — I thought it might be fun to take him to explore some of America’s National Parks.

After having a blast exploring Yosemite National Park and the land around it for a couple of weeks, Abu and I headed to Sequoia National Park — which I’d been wanting to see since I was a child.

Their size is obviously mind-boggling — like being on another planet. Abu and I had so much fun strolling through the Tough Twins and learning about the park’s history. Tree hugging is nature’s therapy!

It’s long been my wish to spend the rest of my life meditating in a tree, and I got one step closer to that reality in Sequoia National Park — I could at least imagine and feel what that would be like.

It was a childhood dream come true to see “General Sherman” aka the largest living tree & organism in the world — amazing to think this record breaking tree has been alive for 2,000 years! Though it’s called the General Sherman tree today (after William Tecumseh Sherman — the American Civil War general who massacred the Native Americans), the settlers of a socialist colony who lived in the forest and advocated for a peaceful overthrow of capitalist exploitation called it Karl Marx.

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