Thanks to her language training abroad and at Brown, Harvard, and Columbia, Emily can provide translation and analytical language services in the following ancient and modern languages: Arabic, Persian, Indonesian, Russian, Czech, French, German, Italian, Old Egyptian, Middle Egyptian, Late Egyptian, Coptic, Demotic, Classical Ethiopic (Ge’ez), Akkadian. While studying abroad, she earned Advanced Language Certificates in Russian, Indonesian, and Persian from St. Petersburg State University (Russia), Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (Indonesia), and the American Institute of Iranian Studies (Tajikistan).


READING PROFICIENCY IN ANCIENT LANGUAGES (Brown & Harvard): Old Egyptian, Middle Egyptian, Late Egyptian, Coptic, Demotic, Akkadian, and Ge’ez.

ADVANCED: Arabic [5 consecutive years at Brown University; trained Egyptian professors and graduate students from Cairo University in epigraphy using Arabic each winter from 1999-2008 in Giza, Egypt]
Persian [Advanced Persian-Harvard University; Intermediate Persian— American Institute of Iranian Studies (Tajikistan); Beginning Persian—Brown University]
Russian [Advanced Russian—Brown University & Columbia University; Advanced Russian—St. Petersburg State University (Russia) & Duke; Beginning Russian—Brown University]*
Indonesian [Beginning; Intermediate–Columbia University; Advanced–Fulbright/UCLA/Java]
French [Successfully passed PhD exam in French—Brown University]
German [Successfully passed PhD exam in German—Brown University]
Czech [Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced: Brown University and Columbia University]*

INTERMEDIATE: Tajiki [American Institute of Iranian Studies/State Department (Tajikistan)]
Italian [Beginning; Intermediate–Brown University]Mongolian [National University of Mongolia & American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulaanbaatar]
Chinese [American University of Beirut and Language Institute in China]

BEGINNING: Uzbek [Columbia University]
Bambara [Brown University & Mali]
Shehri/Jibbali & Kumzari [Sultanate of Oman]
Zulu [Yale University]
Tibetan [China]

*Masters Degree (MA) in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian Studies from Columbia University was funded by a Czech FLAS Scholarship

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