Publication Day

St. Martin’s Press

Today is the publication day of my new book, The Gift of Rumi: Experiencing the Wisdom of the Sufi Master (St. Martin’s Press). It’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, and Macmillian and bookstores across America (and Europe apparently!). I was so happy to see my social media followers receive their books in the mail and post photos of them.

Here are some of the comments today in my DMs and online from those who have started to read the book:

“Oh my gosh, your personal stories of exploration are just gorgeous. How wonderful!”

“I thought I had a clue what Rumi was about, and know so little about Sufism. Wow. Just wow! Grateful.”

“It’s wonderful! I feel like I’m on an adventure as I read. Really good. Bravo!!!!!! Congratulations!”

“Thanks for writing it! It’s really fun to read. I truly feel like I’m on an adventure. So cool.”

“It’s really fun reading. I’m enjoying it immensely.”

“I am enjoying this book so much I really feel like I can see everything and every person you describe.”

“Reading this is softening up my heart and I welcome that. Thank you.”

“I’ve read quite a few translations of Rumi’s writings and quoted them often. I had no idea how much I didn’t know about Rumi, the source of his work or Sufism until this book. The author takes us along on her journey of exploration deep into a world of mysticism and love that captivates, enlightens and inspires. I could not put it down. Bravo!”

“‘Read Review Recommend’: That’s exactly what one should do with this phenomenal book! Thank you Emily for writing it with such finesse & love! Truly appreciate your research & writing! Live long & live well…”

“What is the gift of Rumi? He was a mystic preacher of love who professed its healing and transformative powers. It is a reading you digest bits at a time for inspiration and rebuilding of life.”

“It is so thrilling to read, I am buzzing the entire time, and your passion and intense love of learning and discovery are palpable on every page. You have done a beautiful piece of work, congratulations, babe!!! I celebrate you and your gift of the Gift of Rumi.”

“This book is indeed a gift to all those who want to enter more deeply into the world of our beloved Rumi, beyond the well intentioned but often superficial way in which his work is being presented and misrepresented. This book offers a lot of beautiful context and depth to the reader. Authoritative information is combined with actual experience of the path, so the information given doesn’t feel stale but is instead grounded in the author’s own life. Rumi was a gift to the world and this book will help many people to unwrap said gift to discover beauty and truth beyond measure.”

So grateful that my first readers are enjoying it — makes all the hard work and time very much worth it!

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