Yak Herding in Tibet

It was a dream come true to yak herd with Tibetan nomads high up in the Himalayas at 14,000 feet.

Yak herding is hard work — we had to get up early, pick up yak dung, milk the yaks, and then prepare to herd them later in the day.

Due to a lack of heat, I had to wear so many layers — and showers of course aren’t available.

I bundled up as much as I could to keep warm, but those extreme heights of the Himalayas are so chilling and we didn’t have heat at night.

Eventually, for reasons you’ll read about in my China / Tibet memoir, I ended up in a rural Chinese hospital with IV medicine all day for a month. My adventure turned into a misadventure! But fortunately I was able to return to Tibet this past summer — where more adventure and misadventure awaited me!

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