Summer in Tibet

After my winter misadventure in Tibet, I feared I would never return — but fortunately I did this summer. It was an experience of a lifetime!

I took my baby chihuahua Abutiu Khufu with me to spend his young boyhood hiking in the Himalayas — where he eventually learned how to climb stairs and dodge cattle on the path.

Best of all, we had a pool that was truly out of this world, and we made sure to use it every day.

Of course, the weather up in the Himalayas changes so quickly — so whenever the sun was out, I tried to get to the pool before a storm rolled in.

Baby Abu was in heaven exploring the hotels we stayed at and the many trails we hiked.

As you can see, the architecture is out of this world — I have too many photos to share (a problem from having been to 60 countries and taken so many photos).

On our adventures in nature, Abu and I explored many crumbling watchtowers and mountain views. More on Tibet to come!

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