Leshan Giant Buddha…


What do we have here?

I traveled to Leshan in China for an incredible adventure–exploring every inch of the Giant Buddha (the largest stone carved statue like it in the world!).


Put on your body brace!

The Buddha is surrounded by beautiful landscapes (look at those trees)–and it sits upon the water for a dynamite view of the entire city. My Yale surgeon told me to wear my body brace to help me get up all of the many stairs.


Shall we?

If you like, I can show you how we climbed like ants on each side of the Buddha’s body–so put on some comfortable shoes because this adventure isn’t easy!


Descending Buddha (Photo: Emily O’Dell)

Make sure to pause as we go down the narrow and steep staircase to get some glimpses of each inch of the Buddha’s body as we descend down to the water’s edge.


Buddhist prayers (Photo: Emily O’Dell)

At the feet of the Buddha, many were offering Buddhist prayers with incense–an incredible view to gaze up at the entire body carved with devotion out of the rock.


We made it

Congratulations for making it to the bottom–now we have to go up the other side of the Buddha which is no easy feat–not to mention that pathway hovers over the water so hold on tight and no wrong moves!


Almost there

You’ll find yourself sweating alot if you go in the summer or early fall–so make sure to bring water and hydrate as it’s quite a work-out to climb those stairs (not everyone can be cool like me and have the help of a body brace).


Mission accomplished

When you get to the top, be sure to take some time (and deep breaths–you’ll need them) to appreciate the fine carving of the head–such detail. Then it’s on to the Buddhist temple which you’ll just have to see for yourself in person as photographs are not allowed (and yes, it’s definitely worth seeing!).


On to the temple

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